Great Tasting Iranian Food Recipes

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Enjoy a collection of Iranian food recipes, with easy to follow list of ingredients and directions. Persian cuisine calls for a lot of fresh vegetables and uses fresh herbs to add spice and taste.

Learn about Saffron spice

Spice made from the stigmas of saffron flower may well be the most amazing seasoning on the market.

Saffron adds rich flavour and exotic colour to your foods. High grade saffron stigmas contain potent amounts of nutrients necessary for good vision, healthy skin and a robust sexual appetite.

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Beef and Chicken Kabobs

Kabob Soltani, Kubideh, Balal

The mighty kabob, you can find it everywhere in Iran. It is served everywhere, from palaces to roadside stalls. It has inspired many a marinades. It has sealed many deals. It has brought families closer together.

Like they say, a family that skewers together, stays together. Okay, maybe there is no saying like that. But you get the idea.

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Plain Rice and Steamed Rice with Vegetables

Rice is a major part of Persian cuisine. Outside of the country, Iranians reach for 'Basmati rice' which offers a close substitute in terms of flavor and aroma relative to popular homegrown varieties.

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Soups and Porridge

Abgusht, Eshkeneh, Aushe

Iranians are tops at making soups that eat like a meal. A vegetarian's delight because few of the meals in this section call for the addition of meat. Rather the meals are loaded up with vegetables and beans along with a healthy dose of chopped herbs.

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Estamboli, Dolmeh Kalam

A main Persian cuisine style is a combination of rice with meat, either lamb, chicken, or fish along with vegetables and nuts. Fresh herbs are used along with fruits like plums, pomegranates, quince and prunes.

Then flavored with saffron, dried limes or cinnamon to make a characteristically Persian taste.

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Khoresht and Khorak

Ghormeh Sabzi, Kadu

Iranian stew and casserole dishes take a longer time to prepare because so many of the recipes call for leafy vegetables which need to be cleaned and chopped.

Casseroles will refer to Khorak dishes which are meals unto themselves. Khoresht will refer to stews which are served over rice.

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Shereeni and Nun

Halva, Baqlava, Nun Taftoon

Fresh fruits are the most common dessert. But don't despair, there are plenty of desserts in Persian cuisine and most turn out to be good for you.

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Hot and Cold Beverages

Chai, Doogh

Persians have a wonderful habit of creating drinks from natural sources like fruits, vegetables and even dairy products.

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Sidedishes, Salads and Pickled Vegetables

Kuku, Shawmi, Khotlet, Torshi

Persian cuisine features sidedishes which incorporate a lot of chopped greens, as well as pickled vegetables and yogurt.

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