Spinach pie Patties ~ Iranian style

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Kookoo Sabzi / Kookoo Esfanaj

spinach pie or quiche

Persian style spinach pie or quiche. Yummy vegetarian dish made with spinach, parsley and eggs.

I made this dish for my friend and well, he's hooked. He already eats a few eqgs every day and has been looking for a way to incorporate more greens and spinach into his diet. I guess, he found what he was looking for. Kookoo is his favourite dish now.

Usually served alongside herb rice and fried fish or wrapped in flat bread filled with tomatoes and pickles.

Kookoo / Kuku refers to Iranian foods incorporating finely chopped vegetables and eggs. The word Sabzi means 'greens' and the word Esfanaj means 'spinach' in the Persian language. I guess, the word Kookoo is similar to the english word 'quiche'.


  1. Eggs - 2 large
  2. Spinach - 1 bunch large
  3. Parsley - 1 bunch large
  4. Dillweed - 2 Tbs
  5. Fenugreek - 1 Tbs
  6. Coriander - 1 Tbs
  7. Green onions - 5
  8. Garlic - 2 cloves
  9. White flour - 2 Tbs
  10. Salt - 1 Tbs
  11. Pepper - 1 Tbs
  12. Olive oil - 1 Tbs
  13. Cooking oil - 3 Tbs


  1. Finely chop spinach, parsley, green onions and garlic into tiny segments. You can use vegetable chopper or food processor.
  2. Mix chopped greens together in a bowl with remaining herbs and spices.
  3. Beat eggs in a separate bowl then add to spinach mixture along with olive oil. Blend mixture thoroughly, it should have a pancake batter consistency, neither too watery or too thick.
  4. Heat cooking oil in a frying pan over medium low heat.
  5. Pour spinach batter into pan and even out any clumps.
  6. Cover pan with a lid and cook for 15 to 20 minutes.
  7. When spinach pie is ready to turn over, the uncooked side should be firm and not watery and the cooked side should a very dark green color.
  8. Carry pan over to the sink, place lid over pan, turn the entire pan and lid upside down until spinach pie drops onto lid.
  9. Turn pan right side up, add some cooking oil to the bottom, give it time to heat up then carefully slide spinach pie, uncooked side facing down, back into the pan.
  10. Cover pan with lid and let cook for another 20 minutes on medium to low heat.
  11. When spinach pie has turned a deep green colour, reduce heat to very low and displace lid to allow steam to escape.
  12. Cook over very low heat for 10 minutes until there is no moisture and spinach is fully cooked through.
  13. Cut spinach pie into wedges as you would divide any other pie.
  14. Keep warm until ready to serve.
  15. Serve as a side dish with dill-weed rice and fried fish or with Nun sangak and feta-cheese.


  1. Traditionally, kuku aka spinach pie is rather thick. I like it much thinner, so I divide mixture in half and cook each batch separately. Adjust cooking time according to thickness of spinach batter.

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